The Mission of the Leadership Rancho Cordova Program is to develop community leaders, activists, visionaries and advocates dedicated to the future of Rancho Cordova through all levels of community engagement.

WHAT is Leadership Rancho Cordova?

Leadership Rancho Cordova is a nine-month development and community education program that provides participants with knowledge, experiences, and skills to be effective leaders in our community and in their careers.

WHO should participate?

Participants are a diverse mixture of people from businesses, organizations, government and educational agencies, and the community-at-large. Through retreats, full-day seminars, service projects, discussion groups, and community tours, they explore community issues, examine themselves as leaders, and build relationships of trust and mutual understanding. Past participants have included:

  • Banking Industry & Financial Officers
  • College President & Dean
  • Financial Planners
  • Fire Chief
  • Homemakers
  • Insurance Agents & Administrators
  • Market Research Specialists
  • Non-Profit Program Managers
  • Parks & Recreation Employees
  • Pastors & Ministers
  • Police Officers
  • Retired Persons
  • School Superintendents, Principles & Teachers
  • Secretaries, Office Assistants & Other Support Staff
  • State Agency Employees
  • Utility Representatives
WHEN are the sessions?

Monthly meetings are generally the 2nd Thursday of each month (October through June), from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at various locations in Rancho Cordova. Sessions include:

  • Educational forums with guest speakers and subject matter experts
  • Candid conversations with distinguished regional leaders
  • Behind-the-scenes access to Rancho Cordova’s services and diverse communities
  • In-depth examination of various cultural, professional, and community issues
  • Personal growth and self-assessment
  • Relationships with a diverse group of your peers
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WHAT are the benefits for you?

All this adds up to a transforming experience for you, your organization/agency, and for the community! Plus you:

  • Will build life-long relationships and networks that will serve you as you expand or begin your community engagement and career
  • Will participate in candid and honest discussions of important issues, hear different perspectives and opinions, and learn from a diverse group of presenters and participants
  • Will link to new and existing initiatives that address important community needs
  • Will expand your leadership skills while coming to better understand the issues that affect the community
WHAT are the benefits for your employer?
  • A greater understanding of your impact on the issues and challenges facing the community
  • An employee with broadened leadership capabilities and a deeper understanding of how to maximize community engagement
  • The opportunity to showcase the company’s/agency’s/organization’s involvement in a program of leaders
  • The rewards of networking with a diverse group of leaders from dynamic organizations
  • The opportunity to demonstrate a commitment on behalf of the community
  • Another resource to enhance your company/agency’s presence in Rancho Cordova